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Inspired by the Portuguese history and culture, GOTO is a  furniture brand that highlights the national materials and makes details the main feature of its products.

A strong commitment to quality and creative design makes GOTO a refreshing alternative for all of those who love refined and functional furniture.

GOTO’s main wish is to help creating rooms where tradition and innovation exist harmoniously side by side, taking a little bit of Portugal to the whole world.

Puzzletable tile detail
Puzzletable tile detail
Tradition and Innovation

By allying tradition and noble raw materials produced in Portugal, conferring it innovation through a creative and modern design, GOTO gives a voice to national products and provide a trip to the best regions of this country.

Practical and Comfortable Design

More than beautiful and elegant articles, they will be practical and useful. We put sophistication in everyday objects keeping them useful. In a GOTO room, a piece of furniture is part of the environment and it appeals to our senses, inviting the client to touch and use it.

GOTO Nest Chair
GOTO Nest Chair
Classical but Creative

We want to develop the taste for quality decoration and design in common objects, customized by creative and hard working brains. We don’t mean to invent the wheel, but to make it a wheel that, although it is still round, is different from the others.