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“It comes from far away by land and sea…
… what it is so sweet to me”

The Minho Chest of Drawers was inspired by the traditional Granaries (Espigueiros) from the northern region of Minho. Used to dry out and protect the ears brought from far away, in Christopher Columbus’s ships, the Granaries were monuments of popular art. But that wasn’t all. They also sheltered young lovers, who exchanged promises of love in the time of husking. In here, they felt protected, inseparable.
The Minho Chest of Drawers invites you to come on board in this romantic voyage to the past: close your eyes, feel the scales of slate, open wide its doors and storage your “ears”. Here they are protected. This is your Granary.

Materials: Lacquered betula marine plywood and scale of slate.

Colors: black and bronze.

Measures: 1100 mm lenght x 440 mm deep x 900 mm high

Brand & Co.


March 8, 2016


Chest of Drawers, Furniture

Chest of Drawers, Furniture