GOTO Design | Bordallo
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The Bordallo Sideboard got its name from the ceramics swallows of Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro that remind us of values of a united household, family, fidelity and loyalty. Swallows are known for always coming back to the place where they nested and for keeping only one mate during their whole life.
This sideboard was designed to keep the stories that are told at the family table, at its most sacred time. After the parties, the celebrations, the uproar, the sharing of stories and adventures, the crockery and cutlery are stored, everything is silent, we close our eyes and take a deep breath…this is our nest.

Materials: Walnut, Bordallo Pinheiro ceramic swallos (handles), white lacquered, leather, baskets (raw cloth, wocker or ‘burel’ (traditional Portuguese wool fabric), and stainless steel feet.

Colors: brown, black and white.

Measures: 1435 mm lenght x 452 mm deep x 790 mm high


March 8, 2016


Furniture, Sideboard